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If the roles were reversed, we never would have last this long.

Namkha’s Take on Life pt. 2

After hearing multiple stories of people’s experiences of their life, young and old, I’ve realized there are certain stages to someone’s journey through their life. I believe there are 3 stages to a person’s life.


The first stage is PHILOSOPHY

At this stage in your life all experience is ahead of you, everything is potential. So you choose a philosophy to guide you, to follow down a particular path. During this stage you’re still making decisions and learning from any mistakes that you make. At this point in time your philosophy may change many times until you find the right one that is suitable to your lifestyle.


The second stage is MATHEMATICS

You’ve made choices that cannot be unmade. Potential becomes experience and there are fewer paths that you can take on your journey. Precision and calculation become more important, where you re-evaluate the mistakes you’ve made and try to calculate the right choice in the future. This is where most of your experience throughout life comes into play. and everything you do cannot be reverted.


The third stage is SCIENCE

This is the end game, all your decisions come to a final conclusion to execute your goals. Your goals have been made and you’ve been around the block that you know exactly what you want, you just have to carry it out and work to your ultimate goal in life. Although, very few people get to this stage, where they can succeed at reaching their ultimate goal in life and become blissfully happy with their achievements.


On a tangent, my brother told me that you are a combination of the five people you spend the most time with. I believe this to be true because your friends indirectly reflect your goals. Whether you want to rise up in the stages of life or be sucked into a repetitive lifestyle is completely up to you. Your goals are influenced by the people you surround yourself with.



Little Ones

When you’re young, you’re naive and you’re friends with everyone, and then you get older, and you only have a handful of friends you really hang out with and everyone else becomes acquaintances. That’s when you know you’ve grown up because you come to the realization that you actually dislike people and you question why the hell you’re friends with anyone that doesn’t make your lifestyle better in any way, shape, or form. So I guess congratulations on adulthood, where you alienate almost everyone and become cynical about everything.


I love the idea of cooking, all the possibilities, all the things that you can create. Everything fine tuned to your tastes, all of it can be altered and no one will give a damn if it isn’t exactly like the recipe provided it turns out well. You can throw things together and mix them and they may or may not come out delicious or how you want it. Every recipe is a guideline, it’s not a law that you must follow, you’re free to throw your ideas together and change the way it’s made. You put your own time and ingredients together to make a dish and you nourish and nurture it like a child constantly altering the taste until you get it the way you want it to be. I love how you don’t have to commit your whole life into a dish, that you can put however much time you want or possess into it. I love the fact that it’s a trial and error type of thing, maybe you altered it too much and it turns out shitty the first time, but you can always make that same dish again and maybe the next time it will turn out well. I love how versatile and volatile every dish is, every ingredient changes the way it tastes. I love how you don’t quite necessarily have to have the exact amount of an ingredient, but at the same time if you used less of this or more of that it can come out different. It’s great that you don’t have to follow anyone’s rules in cooking and you can follow any way you heart desires to cook something, but if you had followed someone’s rules it can turn out completely different, better or worse. I love the fact that there are levels of difficulties of cooking, some take more time and more effort, others not so much, but you don’t have to progress any further if you don’t want to. I love how you can nurture the food but you can end it’s life if you really wanted to. I love everything about cooking because there’s no wrong or right way,to cook, I love the fact that you don’t have to cook for someone, but for yourself. I love the IDEA of cooking, but I truly hate taking the time to cook. That being said, I do cook a lot though.


I’m not interested in perfection, I’m more interested in imperfection, especially in a girl. What I look for in a girl is their imperfections, seeing if it’s compatible with my imperfections. So, I guess in a way though I am looking for perfection, since perfection is opinionated. A girl with the right imperfections that are compatible to my imperfections would definitely be called the perfect girl for me. I don’t believe I’m perfect, in fact, I know I am in no way perfect. Humans weren’t meant to be perfect because if we were, everything would be solved and there would be no risk or negative consequence in anything. We are imperfect because it’s in our nature to be so, we are constantly searching for something more, whether it’s knowledge, life, or love. We are imperfect because of the very essence of our being, we are flawed creatures. We don’t all want to live mundane lives, we want something greater, we want to be something more, and achieve great things. It’s our greatest aspect and yet it’s also our downfall. Humans are imperfect and you know what, I’m completely fine with it.

Dreamed of a girl, I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Everything was so real, touch, smell, all of it. I only remember her hair color and the bottom half of her face, and her neck… why do I remember her neck so damn well?

When You’re Down

Just think, whenever you’re depressed or sad or feeling lonely. Think of all the creatures and other humans on the planet, and maybe any other life form out there. You could have been born as a single celled organism, any other person, or any animal, but you weren’t. You were born as you and yes, you’ve made mistakes, and yes, you’ve disappointed people. It doesn’t make that the end of the world because you’ve probably made someone’s day enjoyable also. You living and breathing have altered someone else’s life and it’s not all bad because you’ve impacted someone’s life and shown them happiness. Everyone makes mistakes, but people rise from their mistakes, it’s as a human being that we can adapt to situations and choose whether or not to learn from our mistakes. You were born a human and not only that you were born with the life you live, you’re not living anyone else’s life but your own. So rise up from all of that and be happy that you’re able to survive and live during this time. There will always be someone who’s smarter, always someone who will be better looking, so stop worrying about other people and live your own life because you are unique. So enjoy as much as you can in your life.

Dreaming comes so easily

Why is it in human nature to always want things we can’t have? It’s not the fact that we want it that troubles me, it’s the fact that once you get it, you either don’t know what to do with it so you discard it or you don’t care about it anymore. I miss and want many things, but my fear is that once I get what I want, I won’t cherish it and won’t know what to do with it.

Fact 2

It’s the little goals in life that are the most important. Without the little goals, you’ll never build the confidence or courage to pursue your larger goals.

Fact 1

Fact is… everyone’s got problems in their life; the only difference is how you handle it.

High School Years

Thanks to the speaker…

From what I’ve learned in high school theres 3 things no one can take from you throughout the course of your high school years. The first of the three things is education, no one can take what you’ve learned in high school away from you. In fact, everything you’ve learned in high school will most likely remain with you and you’ll never forget it. Teachers have taught you how to learn and you have taught yourself how to live a life. Those things will stick in your brain until the day you depart Earth.

The second thing is memories, no one can take memories away from you. Some memories will stick with you forever and others may remain dormant in your head, but nonetheless, you keep those thoughts with you, whether or not you have instant access to it or not. If you have helped someone in life you for sure gave them a memory to remember, because now they know you and they’ll most likely remember you for the rest of their life if you made a big enough impact in their life. Also vice versa if someone ever helped you in your life.

Now lastly, but not least are your REAL friends. Real friends will stick with you through your hard times and will understand you the best. If you’re feeling sad they’ll know what to do and try to cheer you up. If you do something that really made you happy they’ll support you. And if you did something that bothered them they’ll tell you straight up instead of running around behind your back. Real friends understand each other and know what to do. You only ever have a handful of real friends during your high school life, and maybe more throughout your entire life. When you graduate high school, try to keep your real friends with you in life, stay in contact with them; it may even help you later.

Namkha’s Take on Life

The last one made me think about life so I had to make another the day after.

Life isn’t about fame or fortune. Although fame and fortune may make you happy I doubt it makes you feel whole as a person. Before you can understand anything about what I’m about to say you have to understand life is life. There will be bad things and there will be good things no matter what. You need to keep your head up and believe in yourself and your ability to do something even if people try to put you down. Steel yourself in life because the truth is most of the world will try to push you down when you become famous or rich. Understand that life is about your happiness. I don’t mean, stay stuck in your own world and only care about yourself, I’m saying you need to focus on the positives but don’t forget about the negatives so you can learn from them. And when I talk about happiness it’s not about what you want all the time, it’s about loving what you already have. Love the fact that you’re able to have a family, the fact that you have friends that help you out through problems. And even if none of those applied to you, love the fact that you are able to be alive and that you DO have the ability to pursue your dreams. You can achieve your goals if you work towards it, you may have to sacrifice for quite a while but if you work at it and believe in yourself you have the ability to achieve your dreams (As long as they’re rational).

Namkha’s take

Well, this may or may not be a recurring thing where I’ll just post my thoughts of things or feelings which may or may not be related to anything in my life.

Note: This is one of the unrelated ones.

So here’s my take on love, passionate affection, strong liking, or whatever you may call it. Whether or not there’s true love isn’t really what I’m going to be talking about. What I’m going to do is define the word “love” in my own terms.

To start… what many people do and don’t realize is that they mistake love for lust or infatuation. While at first, lust or infatuation may seem like love; love doesn’t take affect until you truly work hard within a relationship. My definition of love is this: Love is the understanding of one another. If you love someone you understand them and you’ll work with them through their downs and the arguments you guys will eventually have; If you can stick with someone through thick and thin and still feel some sort of affection towards them then that is love and the most important part is that you’re still happy being with that significant other. Many people of our current time get married too quickly and then they end up having a divorce and then remarrying later on. That’s easily not considered love because for one, they don’t truly know the other’s faults and work through them. When you get married, you agree to being married “for better or for worse, until death do us part.” Nowhere does it say, until we divorce; so those that do divorce should seriously consider if this is the person they know through and through and completely understand. Love is understanding the significant other and knowing their imperfections and still able to live with them and be happy with them. Love should be definable, you should know why you love the other person and it shouldn’t be some special attraction that can’t be defined which randomly takes hold of you (That would be called lust).